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The Rooster Brothers


The Rooster Brothers was translated and adapted from the French Guignol play, Les Frères Côqs.

When my friend Roberto Plata, who had had a lot of experience with hand puppets, offered for us to do a show together, I cut off some marionette heads, fitted these with gloves and we began rehearsing within a week. I had always wanted to work with what the English call the true puppet.

Hand puppets are easier to build, but not easier to use. Their movements, often suggested as well as naturalistic, offer enormous potential for even the most serious performer.

The Rooster Brothers is largely about money which is an adult topic. So I had wondered if the children in the audience would enjoy it. Actually, they responded to it as well as if it had been a story for children. I think that's because when there is fun in the offering, children like to share leisure time with grown ups.

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