Battle Episode from Pinocchio,
An unusual addition to the story.
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In the City of Simple Simon, the Judge, being a babboon. throws Pinocchio in jail for having been robbed by the Fox. From his cell Pinnochio hears yelling in the streets.

JAILER: The emperor is getting ready for battle. We are being attacked.
PINOCCHIO: Attacked? By whom?
JAILER: The army of Admiral Damon advances toward us. Our people will fight for Emperor Charles.
PINOCCHIO: Oh, Wayne. Think of all the nobles dressed in armour. What a beautiful sight to see.
JAILER: Yes. But we're still stuck here in this dungeon.
PINOCCHIO: No, let's follow. No one will ever know. I swear I won't run away. We'll come back here when it's over.
JAILER: Alright. But stay behind me. Don't let them see you.

MESSENGER: Your majesty, the enemy has landed on our shores. They are headed toward us. Some are men, but most are more animal than man.

CHARLES: We shall march toward them and engage battle in the plain. Lord Mallory, I name you flag bearer for this expedition. I entrust you with the keeping of the banner.
MALLORY: Sire, I thank you for this honor. I swear to fulfill my duty bravely. Wherever you see this flag waving, there will be a pile of the enemy at my feet.
CHARLES:Lord Terry, follow me. Let's make haste to meet these mercenaries.

The battle begins. Puppets fly freely about, flung one against another. Are they fighting or dancing? The fight scene is the piece de resistance of rod marionettry.


The battle wages fierce. Admiral Damon spots the Emperor Charles.

DAMON: My friends, see that knight with an imperial crown of gold on his head? That is the Emperor Charles the IV in person. To me his crown; to me his empire, because I want to be crowned emperor of this beautiful island.

Damon's army is winning.

MALLORY: What a dreadful day! Never will Charles be able to repel the assault. I won't expose myself any longer to the blows of these beasts. So much for this flag. (throws flag away) I'm getting out of here.

Pinocchio catches Mallory deserting.

PINOCCHIO: Mallory! Why are you leaving the field and abandonning your Emperor in the midst of a battle?
MALLORY: Young man, I know better than you do what to expect here. The Emperor is powerless. He will never be able to vanquish this host.
PINOCCHIO: Traitor! Coward! Give me that armour that you are unworthy to wear.
Pinocchio takes away Mallory's armour. He wears it himself.


Pinocchio fights an evil bird and defeats it.

Charles gets surrounded by the enemy. Pinocchio, disguised in Mallory's armour, rescues him. Charles thinks Mallory has saved his life.

CHARLES: Bravo, bravo Mallory. They said you had betrayed me, but I see it is not true. Ah, I haven't yet had to say good-bye to my precious island.

A flying skeleton tries to scare Pinocchio, but cannot.

DAMON: (afraid of Pinocchio)Twice I held the Emperor Charles at my mercy and twice a demon from hell came and stole him right out of my hands. This devil is knocking down everything. All are falling before him. With every blow he sends a head flying, an arm, a torso split to the waist. Look out, here he comes! (Pinocchio enters) It's him! Run for your life!

ENEMY SOLDIER (stopped while fleeing): Demon, spare my life.

PINOCCHIO: Who are you that I should spare you?
ENEMY SOLDIER: I serve Damon, Lord of eastern Greece.
PINOCCHIO: Granted your life. But on condition that you be gone from this island before the sun sinks into the sea.

CHARLES: Valiant Mallory, what could I offer you that would not be beneath your merit?

JAILER: Your majesty, with whom do you think you are speaking? Lord Mallory is a coward, a traitor. He ran away when the battle got rough. This fellow you are speaking to is none other than the prisoner Pinocchio.
(enter Charles' soldiers)
SOLDIERS: Sire, where is the valiant Mallory? We have come to pay him hommage for the courage he displayed against the invaders.
CHARLES: My lords, bestoy no glory on Mallory. He has shown himself today a coward, noble blood or not. Your liberator was a humble traveler held here as prisoner, Pinocchio. Pinocchio, you have saved the island. You are immediately released.

On the road again.
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