Kathy Piper’s CINDERELLA
as performed by Don Harms in 1997


ACT 1 In the courtyard beside the house

Blossom: Cinderella!
Apple: Cinderella!
Elvira: Cinderella, help your sisters.
Cinderella: Here I come.
Blossom: Cinderella, over here, hurry up. Run. Quick, fix my dress.
Apple: Cinderella, come back. Hurry up. Tie this ribbon.
Blossom: Cinderella, over here. Come back, Cinderella. Hurry up, quick.
Apple: Cinderella, comb my hair. Cinderella, hurry up.
Blossom: Cinderella, brush my teeth,
Apple: Cinderella, I'm all ready.
Blossom: Cinderella, I'm all ready, too.
Cinderella: Whew, I'm glad they're both ready. I don't think I could run another inch.
Elvira: Cinderella.
Cinderella: Here I am, mother.
Elvira: What are you doing standing around? Cinderella, get busy. You are supposed to be helping your sisters get dressed to go to the ball.
Cinderella: I did. They're both dressed and ready.
Elvira: Oh, my two lovelies ready to meet the prince? I can't wait to see how they look. Blossom, Cinderella says you're ready.
Blossom: I'm all ready.
Elvira: Wonderful. Come out dear. I want to see how you look.
Blossom: Oh boy, I'm all ready to meet the prince in my brand new dress. Here I am.
Elvira: Wonderful. Blossom, when the prince sees you he'll be swept off his feet.
Blossom: Oh boy, that sounds like fun.
Elvira: That is unless he sees your older sister Apple first. ha ha We'll see how Apple looks in her new dress. Apple, Cinderella says you're all ready, too.
Apple: I'm all ready.
Elvira: Well, good. Come out. I want to see how you look.
Apple: Oh. boy, I'm all ready to meet the prince in my brand new dress. Here I am.
Elvira: Oh yes, Apple, you are beautiful.
Apple: Yes, yes I am.
Elvira: You are both lovely. My cute gorgeous daughters. Oh, ha ha ha, this is such an exciting evening. Don't you think so?
Blossom: Un huh.
Apple: Un hum.
Elvira: You are actually going to a palace.
Blossom: Un huh.
Apple: Un hum.
Elvira: You are going to meet the prince.
Blossom: Un huh.
Apple: Un hum.
Elvira: Is that all you can say? Un huh and urn hum?
Blossom: Un huh.
Apple: Un hum.
Elvira: Listen to me. You are meeting royalty. You have to say a lot more than that. It's one thing to charm the prince with your beauty, but you must also delight him with your conversation. Ah, you'll know what to do when you get there. You're both ready. The carriage is waiting. We shall be off to the palace.
Cinderella: Mother.
Elvira: Huh? What do you want Cinderella.
Cinderella: May I go to the palace?
Elvira: You? ha ha You go to the palace? What for?
Cinderella: To meet the prince.
Apple: People like you don't meet a prince.
Blossom: No, people like you just stay home and wait on people like us.
Elvira: That's right. Anyway, how could you go to the palace? Cinderella, you're just a little girl.
Cinderella: No I'm not. I'm practically grown up.
Elvira: Grown up? If you were grown up you'd understand. The affair tonight is a fancy dress ball. Cinderella, you don't have a fancy dress.
Blossom: You don't have any dress.
Apple: All you've got is that old rag mother gave you.
Cinderella: That's not true. I do have a dress.
Elvira: Where did you get a dress?
Cinderella: I made it. I made this dress for myself while I was making the dresses for Apple and Blossom. I even put it on. I got all dressed up underneath my rags. See my new dress.
Blossom: Mother, that looks like my dress.
Apple: It does not, it looks like mine.
Cinderella: Oh, well a little bit. See, I didn't have any material of my own, so I used all the scraps left from their dresses.
Elvira: You had no business using the scraps. Why, they should have been thrown away. The nerve. Oh, Cinderella, Cinderella, you are not going to the ball. How could you? ha ha I mean, after all you've got work to do. Tonight you have to scrub the floors.
Cinderella: I scrubbed every floor this morning.
Elvira: Too bad, now you'll have to do it again tonight. ha ha ha Yes, while I'm at the palace you're going to scrub every floor in this household. Do it over again. When I get back I want to see every floor in this house damp from mopping.
Cinderella: Yes, mother.
Elvira: That's not all. You're also going to clean the chimney tonight. On the inside. Yes, you will climb up the chimney and you will scrub it from top to bottom. And you will do it while you are wearing that dress. So when you finish, Cinderella, your new dress will be torn and dirty and ruined. Do you understand?
Cinderella: Yes, mother. I understand.
Elvira: Good, now stay busy you've got a lot of work to do. And you two had better get into the carriage. We don't want to be late.
Blossom: Oh boy, we get to go to the palace. I'm going to meet the prince.
Apple: He's going to ask me to dance with him.
Blossom: That's nothing, he's gonna ask me to marry him.
Apple: He is not. He's going to ask me. Mother, tell her.
Elvira: Don't argue about it. Just get into the carriage. We don't want to be late.. And you'd better get busy, Cinderella. Remember, when I get back from that palace every floor in this house must be damp from mopping...or else. (exeunt)
Cinderella: I hate to ruin the dress. Well, I'll get it over with. People like me don't go to a palace. I should have known better.
Alfredo: (offstage) Anybody home?
Cinderella: I'm home.
Alfredo: Oh, good. Where are you
Cinderella: Just come around the side of the house. I'm right back here in the pumpkin patch.
Alfredo: Ah, ha ha ha, yes yes yes, Well there is somebody at home indeed. Who are you?
Cinderella: My name is Cinderella.
Alfredo: So, you're Cinderella. We've never had a chance to meet. I've heard about you but, well, your mother moved away before you were even born.
Cinderella: Who are you?
Alfredo: My name is Alfredo. I am your mother Elvira 's cousin.
Cinderella: Oh, oh I'm happy to meet you, Alfredo.
Alfredo: My dear, I'm happy to meet you, too. I'll tell you what else; I'm not just your mother's cousin, but I am also the godfather to both Apple and Blossom. Now that we've met I'll be your godfather, too.
Cinderella: No thank you.
Alfredo: No thank you? You don't want a godfather?
Cinderella: I've got enough family already. I don't think I could handle any more.
Alfredo: hmmmmmm! Sounds like trouble with Elvira?
Cinderella: I have to do all the work around here. Sometimes I think she likes Apple and Blossom better.
Alfredo: Oh, well that's entirely possible. Your mother always did spoil those two. Well, let me talk to her.
Cinderella: Nobody's home. They all went to the palace.
Alfredo: The palace. boy.
Cinderella: The prince is having a fancy dress ball tonight. Every young woman in the kingdom was invited.
Alfredo: Why aren't you there?
Cinderella: I have to stay home and scrub floors.
Alfredo: I won't stand for this. No, Cinderella, you go to the palace. I'll scrub the floors.
Cinderella: I couldn't let you do that.
Alfredo: It's easy, with magic.
Cinderella: You can work magic?
Alfredo: As long as I've got this powerful magic wand.
Cinderella: I thought that was a walking stick.
Alfredo: It is a walking stick, but with a very special flower growing on it. As a matter of fact I'll show you how it works. Yes, Cinderella, I'm going to be your godfather whether you want one or not. And I'll use this flower to see that you go to the ball in style. You just hold still. I'll point the flower right at you. (He casts spell.) Painted flower, point your power. It's a pretty dress, but she needs more class. Give her some slippers made of glass.
Cinderella: Glass slippers? Oh, ha ha ha. (Turning round and round.) I'm getting dizzy. Oh this is strange. I've never been under a magic spell. Oh, godfather Alfredo (she's doubtful) (then, the slippers appear) oh my, it worked, it worked, slippers made out of glass. They're so comfortable. It's like wearing no shoes at all. I'll be able to run all the way to the palace and when I get there still feel like dancing. Oh, godfather Alfredo, thank you. See you later.
Alfredo: Come back, I said style. Cinderella, you can't go all by yourself. You must be accompanied by your footman.
Cinderella: I don't have a footman.
Alfredo: I'll get you one with magic. For that I need something that's alive to begin with. Oh, I know what would be perfect. Are there any mice around here?
Cinderella: Yes, there are mice all over the pumpkin patch. As a matter of fact, there's a nest of mice that live right under the house.
Alfredo: Mice under the house? You're sure?
Cinderella: Positive. I see them coming and going all the time.
Alfredo: I'll just use one of the mice from under the house. Hmm, I'll point the flower in that direction and hope there's a mouse under it. Painted flower paint your power. We need a footman for Cinderella. So charm a mouse from under the house, and make him a boy, a regular fella.
Footman: Ouch, oh, phew...what happened? What's going on here? I was going to take a nap and now I'm up here behind the house. Wow, what kind of a mouse are you? Hev, wait, you're not a mouse, you're a woman. Help!
Alfredo: Don't run away. Come back here. What's the matter with you?
Footman: I'm scared of women.
Alfredo: That's mixed up, but you're not a mouse anymore. You are a person now, too.
Footman: ha ha, hey that's impossible. Oh wow! What happened?
Alfredo: I'm afraid I did that. I need your help. This young lady's going off to the palace, and she needs a footman to go with her. Would you be her footman for the night?
Footman: Oh, boy, would I ever. I wouldn't mind being a footman, and I'd love to go to a palace. Come on, kid, let's go.
Alfredo: Just calm down. I have something to do.
Cinderella: Godfather Alfredo, what more could I possibly need?
Alfredo: When the two of you aet to the palace you can't just come running up the road. You must ride. That is a very big pumpkin.
Footman: It sure is.
Alfredo: You are going to ride to the palace in that pumpkin.
Footman: Excuse me, Sir. But, wouldn't that be kind of messy?
Alfredo: You just keep still.
Footman: Oh, I'll be quiet as a mouse.
Alfredo: Painted flower point your power. She must be riding when she makes her approach. So increase its size, let it dazzle the eyes. And turn that pumpkin into a coach. Heh heh heh.
Cinderella: Oh, godfather Alfredo It's a wonderful coach.
Alfredo: Not bad at all, ah ha ha ha. Alright, now all we need is something to pull the coach. We need a horse. Do you have a horse?
Cinderella: No.
Alfredo: That's alright, I'll just go ahead and get one with magic. Of course I'll have to have something that's alive to begin with. Oh, I know what would make a handsome horse. Dc you have a dog?
Cinderella: No, we don't have any pets.
Alfredo: Too bad, would've made a pretty horse. Ah, as a matter of fact a sguirrel would make a nice grev horse. Are there any squirrels around?
Cinderella: I've never seen any.
Alfredo: Hmmm, now this could is getting complicated. That's a pretty good size coach. I don't like to use another mouse, I doubt' it would be strong enough. Oh, Footman... You and I must find a big fat rat.
Footman: I don't want to find a rat. I'm afraid of rats.
Alfredo: It won't be a rat for long. I'll turn it into a horse to take you all to the palace.
Cinderella: Godfather Alfredo, I appreciate everything you've done for me, but if I have to go to the palace with a rat I'd rather walk.
Alfredo: Well if you feel that strongly I won't use a rat.
Footman: Oh, thank you.
Alfredo: But I've got to have something. Of course I'm here. I don't have anything else to do tonight. Why not? Anything for style. I'll just hang the flower on the house. Then I'll stand in front of it. Oh, Footman, I think it might be pointed at you, too. Would you step over to the side, please... a little bit more. Perfect. Now don't go away. Dear, you stav well up against the wall. Good. Now, that's pointed at me. Painted flower point your power. Things must be perfect when you're meeting royalty. I'm a fool of course but I'll be the horse. And I'm doing this out of misguided loyalty. (He becomes horse.) Oh, I don't mind, I don't mind being your horse, although I have no intention of being a horse forever. I should think up until midnight will suffice. And then promptly at midnight I want both of you to come out of the palace and meet me and we'll all just run back here together. I'll have a number of things to do. I have to put everything back the way it was. Turn the footman back into a mouse, the coach back into a pumpkin, turn myself back into your Godfather Alfredo, and of course, scrub the floors before Elvira gets home. We're ready, hop into your coach.
Cinderella: Are you sure I'll fit?
Alfredo: Of course, it was made just for you. same as your slippers.
Cinderella: Oh, it even has windows. I'll be able to see everything on the way to the palace.
Alfredo: Now I'll just backup to that thing. Hang on dear, I haven't had a lot of experience at this. Now all you have to do is have a good time only remember it has to end at midnight. So promptly at midnight you come out oh, I just saw a mouse. Where is that footman?
Cinderella: Mouse where are you?
Footman: I'm right here lady, waiting for you to call.
Cinderella: I'm calling. Hop on the back of the coach. We're going to the palace.
Footman: Oh, wow. the palace, I wouldn't miss this for anything. Hold the coach. Wait for me. Here I come.

ACT 2 A room in the palace

Elvira: Girls, girls, what are you doing?
Apple: We're dancing.
Elvira: You're not supposed to dance with each other, you're supposed to dance with the prince.
Blossom: He won't dance with anyone else.
Elvira: Huh?
Blossom: No, he's only dancing with the new girl.
Elvira: New girl!
Apple: A new girl came into the palace after you went outside.
Blossom: You should see her, mother. The new girl that's dancing looks like Cinderella.
Elvira: A new girl that looks like Cinderella?
Blossom: Even looks like Cinderella's dress that she's wearing. Except the new girl is wearing real glass slippers.
Elvira: Glass slippers? Where can I see that? Where is this girl?
Apple: She's in the other room. See, the prince is still right by her side. There he is with her.
Blossom: Doesn't she look like Cinderella?
Elvira: Well, she certainly does. Wait a minute, let me get a closer look at that girl. (exits and returns) Oh you idiots, that is Cinderella.
Blossom: We thought so too, at first. But glass slippers? Cinderella could never get glass slippers.
Apple: Not unless she learned to work magic.
Elvira: Magic? That's it.
Blossom: Cinderella can work magic?
Elvira: No, Cinderella cannot. But I know who can. And I know who did. When I slipped out of the palace and went out to the parking lot I saw a most peculiar looking horse. I thought it looked familiar and I was right. That's no horse. That's my cousin Alfredo.
Blossom: Alfredo, our godfather's here.
Elvira: That one. He's behind this. For some reason he disguised himself as a horse. And he's brought Cinderella to this palace. I will not stand for that. I'm going out there right now and give that cousin a piece of my mind.
Blossom: Mother, please, may I go with you? I'd like to see my godfather.
Apple: Me too, I want to see his magic flower.
Elvira: You aren't going to see his flower. I just told you Alfredo is disguised as a horse. Horses don't carry flowers. Ho ho, he hasn't got the flower with him. I've known him all my life and I've never seen him without it. Oh, ha ha ha ha and all my life I've wished I could get my hands on that thing but he's never let it out of his sight. Never once... until tonight. Tonight he had to out the flower down because he couldn't carry it. He mast have left it wherever he met Cinderella.
Blossom: That'd be at our house.
Elvira: Yes, at our house. If that's where it is it means I can get the flower at last. Come on girls, follow me. We're going home to get that flower.
Blossom: But we can't go yet; we haven't met the prince.
Apple: He still hasn't danced with me.
Blossom: He hasn't asked me to marry him.
Elvira: Never mind. If I can get that flower I can get you princes, kingdoms, anything you want. (exeunt)
(The Prince and Cinderella are dancing during most of the following scene.)
Prince: Ah, there's no one in this room.
Cinderella: Oh, your majesty, this is a beautiful room. You have a wonderful palace.
Prince: I'm glad you like it. But I must say, my palace isn't half as wonderful as you.
Cinderella: Very nice of you to say that.
Prince: I'm so glad I had this party tonight.
Cinderella: So am I. This has been the most exciting day of my whole life.
Prince: This would be the best day of my life if you'll just tell me who you are.
Cinderella: But I can't. I'm not supposed to be here.
Prince: Yes you are. Every young woman in the kingdom was invited.
Cinderella: But I'm supposed to be at home right now scrubbing floors.
Prince: Scrubbing floors? Ha ha ha ha ha, just tell me where you live. I can see that you never scrub another floor.
Cinderella: Oh, that would be nice. But I couldn't dare. I really would get in a lot of trouble.
Footman: Hey kid. Hey kid.
Prince: Who's that?
Cinderella: Sounds like my footman.
Footman: Hey kid. Hey kid. Hey kid!
Cinderella: Footman, don't shout. What's the matter?
Footman: Don't shout; don't shout, don't shout! WE GOT TO GO HOME!
Cinderella: Your majesty, I promised I would go home at midnight.
Prince: It isn't midnight.
Footman: The horse says it's 'cause Elvira's on her way home. She's trying to get her hands on that flower. (clock begins to strike)
Cinderella: Oh, if mother got that flower that would be the worst thing that could happen in the whole world. I must go home. Right now. But your majesty. It has been a wonderful time. Thank you. This is an emergency. Good bye.
Prince: Wait a minute, stop, come back! (He goes off and returns.) She just ran down the steps and out the door. But she didn't tell me anything. I don't know who she is or anything. Say, you, aren't you her footman?
Footman: That's right, your majesty. I'm her footman.
Prince: You came with her but you didn't go back?
Footman: Unh ugh. I'm not gonna go back. I like it here.
Prince: Alright, well you can stay here at the palace and help me.
Footman: I'll help you. I'll do anything I can.
Prince: Good. First thing I want is I want to know more about that young woman. Who is she?
Footman: I don't know. I just met her tonight. I never even heard her name.
Prince: Oh. Well, that's alright. First thing in the morning take me to her house.
Footman: I can't. I don't know the way. I came on the back of the coach. Only the horse knows the way.
Prince: Where did you meet her?
Footman: I met her tonight at her house.
Prince: How did you get to her house?
Footman: Oh, that part was easy. It's only a skip from her house to my house.
Prince: Alright. Now we're getting somewhere. To get to her house all we need to do is go to your house. Where do you live?
Footman: I live in a nest under the house.
Prince: You live where?
Footman: I live in a nest under the house.
Prince: Is this some game? Are the two of you in this together? Are you playing cat and mouse with me?
Footman: No, I never play that game.
Prince: What's the matter with you?
Footman: I don't know anything. I never saw her before. It's so hard to explain. I sort of, you see I was...
Prince: Shh look over there on the steps.
Footman: It's a shoe.
Prince: No, it isn't a shoe. It's a glass slipper. It's one of her glass slippers. It fell off when she ran down the steps. Footman, do you know what that means?
Footman: Yeah. She was running so fast her shoe fell off?
Prince: No, it means I can find her.
Footman: How?
Prince: A11 I have to do is find the young woman who can wear that slipper. I will try it on the foot of all the young woman in the land until I find the one whose foot it fits. That'll be the woman who won my heart. I make a solemn vow. The woman who can wear that slipper shall be my bride. (exeunt)

ACT 3 Elvira's Living Room

Elvira: Here it is; I found it. He left it right behind the house. I've got the flower. I've got Alfredo's magic flower. It's all mine. ho ho I'll be able to cast magic spells. I'll be able to get anything in the world I want, and the first thing that I want is to cast a spell to punish Cinderella. Yes .. .yes. . .hmm. . .except I can't remember the magic words. It's been years since I've seen Alfredo use this thing. It's a little rhyme that he says. Ah, it'll come back to me. Yes, before long I shall remember and when I do I shall turn Cinderella into something awful and ugly lumpy and bumpy.
(knock at door)
Huh? Somebody at the door? It's the middle of the night. Who do you think you are? Oh, your majesty, what a lovely surprise. Come in, come in.
Prince: Thank you. Sorry to bother you at this hour.
Elvira: Oh, you're not bothering me. You are welcome at my home at any hour.
Prince: Thank you. This is an emergency. I'm looking for someone. I had a party at my palace tonight.
Elvira: I know, your majesty, I was there.
Prince: Perhaps you saw her. A beautiful young woman came to the party and won my heart. But I don't know who she is.
Elvira: You don't know who she is?
Prince: She wouldn't tell me. I only know one thing about her. The woman who won my heart was wearing real glass slippers.
Elvira: Oh no, glass slippers!
Prince: You don't believe it. Come in, this woman doesn't believe it. Bring the slipper in here. Show her it's real glass.
Footman: Oh boy, it sure is, eh? Look at this lady. Genuine glass.
Elvira: Alright. What do you want with me.
Prince: Oh, well we're taking the slipper all around this kingdom trying to find the one whose foot it fits. That's how I'll find her.
Footman: His majesty has made a solemn vow. He hopes to marry the woman who could wear this slipper.
Elvira: Oh ho ho, your majesty. You'd actually be willing to marry anybody who could wear that slipper?
Prince: I know only one woman can. I know the slipper is just as special as she is.
Elvira: Yeah? We'll see about that. Oh, ho ho ho. I've got two lovely daughters. Could I ask you to allow them to try on the slipper?
Prince: Oh, I'd like that.
Elvira: So would I. Might as well get them. Apple, Blossom, get over here and listen to mother. You've got a second chance. (exit)
Footman: Oh, your majesty, guess what?
Prince: What?
Footman: This is her house.
Prince: Whose house?
Footman: That young woman. This is where I met here. Right here. Tonight,
Prince: We've found her house. She lives here? That means she's one of this woman's two beautiful daughters.
Footman: She must be. I'd know this house anywhere.
Elvira: (off) Your majesty.
Footman: Here comes that woman.
Elvira: Both of my lovelies are ready to try on the slipper. The first one to try it on is going to be my beautiful younger daughter, Blossom. Blossom get in here. Do what mother said. Put that slipper on your foot.
Blossom: Oh boy. I get to wear the slipper and marry the prince. Get out of my way. OK Come on fellows. Bring the slipper. Here's the foot.
Footman: Alright, lady. Just hold your foot still please. I'll try the slipper on your foot. Hey lady, I said hold still, you're pushing.
Blossom: I qotta push.
Footman: Come on lady, you're kicking me.
Blossom: I gotta kick, it won't fit.
Footman: Your majesty, I don't think she can be the one.
Prince: No, I'm afraid I could tell. Blossom, I'm sorry. You're not the one.
Blossom: Oh. Mother I'm not the one.
Elvira: Alright, you're not the one. Will you get out of here?
Blossom: Yes, mother. I'll get out of here right now.
Elvira: Send Apple in. She'll put it on her foot. Apple will be able to wear it. See, Apple is taller but thinner. Apple, get in here and sit in this chair. As a matter of fact, your majesty, my daughter Apple has a very dainty foot. Apple, show the prince your dainty foot.
Apple: Hey Prince, see my foot?
Prince: Yes.
Apple: Alright, come on fellas. Put the slipper on my dainty foot.
Footman: OK, lady. Now listen, you just hold still and no kicking. I'll handle the slipper.
Apple: It fits! It fits!
Footman: Lady, it fits your big toe. Your majesty, I don't think she can be the one either. It doesn't fit.
Prince: Hmm, I'm afraid he's right. Apple, I'm sorry; you're not the one,
Apple: Oh, mother I...
Elvira: I heard what he said. Apple, go to bed.
Apple: Yes, mother, I'll go to bed right now.
Elvira: Tell Blossom to get in bed. It's getting late. As a matter of fact it's getting very very late and I'm sick and tired of this nonsense. So it doesn't fit my daughters feet, so what. Now. will you just take your slipper and be out of my house?
Prince: Well, there's another young woman who lives here.
Elvira: Who told you? Ha ha ha ha! What makes you think there's another young woman who lives here?
Prince: You see, my footman met another young woman tonight.
Elvira: Oh, that is nonsense. Your footman is a fool.
Footman: No, I'm not. I know this is the house. I'd know it anywhere.
Elvira: There isn't another young woman living here. Ha ha ha ha, not at the moment. You can search high and low and you couldn't find one.
Footman: That's a good idea.
Prince: What?
Footman: Search.
Prince: Footman, are you really positive this is exactly the right house?
Footman: I'd know this house anywhere. She lives here.
Prince: Then I want you to search everywhere. Find her.
Footman: I'll search everywhere. You can count on me. I'll look in every corner and every closet. If I have to I'll crawl down and look underneath the house. I know she lives here. (exit)
Prince: I really am sorry about the inconvenience.
Elvira: You should be sorry. I am a very busy woman and you've disrupted my whole evening. I was supposed to remember something very important about this flower.
Prince: Oh, a flower! (sniffs it) What's important about that thing? That's nothing but a plain old painted flower.
Elvira: Well, that shows how little you know. Ha ha, royalty of not. Nothing but a plain old painted- Painted and then pointed. Oh, thank you, you helped me remember.
Prince: What are you talking about?
Elvira: The magic words, you see. I couldn't remember how to use this thing and now you've helped me remember the lines. Now I'll be able to get anything I want. Cast magic spells. Punish Cinderella.
Cinderella: Here I am. Oh, your majesty.
Prince: Cinderella, is that your name?
Cinderella: Your majesty, what are you doing here?
Prince: I came here to find you and I did.
Elvira: Well, you found her a little bit too late. Yes. See what I've got Cinderella? I've got the magic flower.
Prince: What's she talking about?
Cinderella: The flower. It's a powerful magic wand.
Prince: It doesn't look like it.
Elvira: Maybe it doesn't. But it is. And you helped me remember how to use it. I'm ready to use it. I'll just cast a spell over I both of you, over you and the prince at the very same time.
Alfredo: (Enter still a horse) What's all the racket? Elvira, give me that flower.,
Elvira: You stay away from me, Alfredo. It's my flower now and I cast all the magic spells.
Alfredo: Elvira, you don't know how. You've never cast a spell in your entire life.
Elvira: I've seen you cast hundreds. It can't be that difficult.
Alfredo: I'm warning you. It can be dangerous.
Elvira: Nonsense, It's perfectly simple. Glad you got here. You can join the Prince and Cinderella. Now it's time for a magic spell cast over the whole miserable bunch of you. Yes, oh ho ho ho. Let me see, your majesty, I couldn't remember but it goes like this. Painted flower point your power. Make them fit to live in a bog; and turn what you see into a frog. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha uod ah ha ha ha ah oun oup oup oup
Cinderella: Oh, what happened?
Alfredo: She had the flower pointed in the wrong direction. Elvira, you just turned yourself into a frog.
Elvira: Oup, ourp...bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
Prince: Cinderella, what is this?
Cinderella: Oh, I'm sorry. In all the excitement I forgot my manners. Your majesty, this is my mother, Elvira.
Prince: How do you do, Elvira.
Elvira: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
Cinderella: Your majesty, this is my favorite person in the whole world, my godfather, Alfredo.
Alfredo: How do you do, young man. I'm happy to meet you.
Prince: I am too. I'm happy to meet you as well. Cinderella, may I ask you a question?
Cinderella: Of course.
Prince: What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
Cinderella: I live here, your majesty, this is my home.
Prince: Cinderella, this is a zoo. Someone like you could live in a palace.
Cinderella: Do you mean it?
Prince: Just come along with me and I'll show you the whole palace tonight. Pick out the part you like best and I'll give you that part. If you don't like my palace I'll build you one of your own. And Godfather Alfredo, I'll build you a palace, too.
Alfredo: No, no, I don't want a palace. But I'll come visit you at yours sometime. (exeunt Cinderella and the Prince) Isn't that nice. Cinderella and the prince really like each other. That's nice. ha ha Well, things turned out very nicely after all. Don't you think so, Elvira?
Elvira: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
Alfredo: I suppose you wouldn't think so. Don't you worry, Elvira. Someday I'll take the flower and I'll turn you back into yourself. Except before I do that, I'm going to give you a few lessons. I'd say it's high time you learned to be a little bit kinder. Oh, just come along with me. Come on, Elvira follow me. You have my flower and I need it. (exit)
Elvira: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
Alfredo: Elvira ! Elvira ! Elvira , if you want me to turn you back into yourself you'd better hop to it.
Elvira: bloop bloop bloop (exit)

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