Aladdin in Creole - Act 2
Aladdin in Haitian Creole
Act 2

127 Sc. 1: Throne room. Sultan, Princess, Aladdin
128 SULTAN: Today I get to meet Aladdin. Aladdin sends me presents of gold. He must be a prince. Or, maybe he's even a king from a faraway kingdom. xx
129 PRINCESS: (off) Father. xx
130 SULTAN: Princess, I'm in the throne room. xx
131 PRINCESS: (enters) Oh father, I want to meet Aladdin. Where is he? xx
132 SULTAN: He's in the palace now. But, I'm going to meet him before you do. I want to be sure he's good enough to meet a Princess. You wait in your room.xx
133 PRINCESS: Alright, I'll wait in my room. But father, don't keep me waiting too long! (exit) xx
134 SULTAN: Why she's almost as excited as I am. Well, I'm ready. Send in Aladdin.xx
135 ALADDIN: (enters) Your majesty. xx
136 SULTAN: You're Aladdin?xx
137 ALADDIN: Yes, your majesty. xx
138 SULTAN: But you're still a young man.xx
139 ALADDIN: I know, your majesty. I haven't had time to grow old yet. xx
140 SULTAN: Ha ha ha ha That's very entertaining. Aladdin, make yourself comfortable.xx
141 ALADDIN: Oh, your majesty. More than anything in the world I wanted to visit your palace. xx
142 SULTAN: Well, now that you have, perhaps you'll invite me and the Princess to visit your palace. xx
143 ALADDIN: My palace? Your majesty, I don't have a palace. xx
144 SULTAN: You don't have a palace? xx
145 ALADDIN: No sir, I live with my mother. xx
146 SULTAN: Oh, your mother has a palace.xx
147 ALADDIN: No, she doesn't have a palace. xx
148 SULTAN: Well, certainly your father has a palace.xx
149 ALADDIN: He couldn't. He was just a poor tailor.xx
150 SULTAN: You are the son of a poor tailor?xx
151 ALADDIN: What's wrong with that?xx
152 SULTAN: Get up. You're not good enough to come here. You're not good enough to speak with me. And you're certainly not good enough to speak with the Princess!xx
153 PRINCESS: (enters) I hear my name. Oh, Aladdin, I know you. You stand in the street and wave at me every single day. I've always wanted to meet you and speak with you.xx
154 SULTAN: Well, you're not going to meet him. And stop speaking with him. Princess, Aladdin isn't good enough for you. He's just the son of a poor tailor. They're so poor they don't even have a palace.xx
155 ALADDIN: That's right, Princess. I don't have a palace. But, I'm going to build one. The most beautiful.xx
156 SULTAN: Aren't you the smart one. Why don't you just get going.xx
157 ALADDIN: I will. I'll go home and start building my palace today. xx
158 SULTAN: Wonderful. And have it finished by tomorrow.xx
159 ALADDIN: Tomorrow? Nobody can build a palace that fast. xx
160 SULTAN: Well, you'd better. Finish this most beautiful palace by noon tomorrow. Or, I'm going to cut off your head.xx
161 ALADDIN: You can't do that. xx
162 SULTAN: Yes I can, I'm the sultan. I can do anything I want. Now go finish this most beautiful palace by noon tomorrow. (throws Aladdin offstage)xx
163 ALADDIN: (off) That's impossible. That's unfair. xx
164 PRINCESS: He's right, father. That isn't fair. xx
165 SULTAN: He had no business coming here in the first place.xx
166 PRINCESS: Father, I don't want you to hurt him. xx
167 SULTAN: You go to your room, and you stay there.xx
168 PRINCESS: Father, I like Aladdin. xx
169 SULTAN: Get up. You may not like Aladdin! (exeunt)xx
170 Sc. 2: Aladdin and Geni of the Lamp
171 VOICE OFFSTAGE: And stay out. (Aladdin is thrown onstage.) xx
172 ALADDIN: Geni of the Lamp, Geni of the Lamp. xx
173 GENI LAMP: Yes, master. Master, you sent for me? xx
174 ALADDIN: Geni, I'm in deep trouble. xx
175 GENI LAMP: You usually are. xx
176 ALADDIN: This isn't funny. I went to visit the Sultan. He said he's going to cut off my head. xx
177 GENI LAMP: Cut off your head? Master, that's terrible. Why? xx
178 ALADDIN: Because my father's just a poor tailor. Because I don't have a palace. xx
179 GENI LAMP: Master, you need a palace. I'll build you one. xx
180 ALADDIN: Just take me away from here. Could you build it by noon tomorrow? xx
181 GENI LAMP: I could build it by noon today. xx
182 ALADDIN: But, Geni, I bragged it would be the most beautifl palace they've ever seen. xx
183 GENI LAMP: Then you dream it while I build it. xx
184 ALADDIN: Oh boy, I'm back in luck. (Aladdin lies down to sleep. Geni builds palace. Aladdin wakes up.) Wow, I'm sure the Sultan is gonna like this palace. I can't wait 'till tomorrow. He's gotta see this palace right now this minute today. Oh, Sultan, Sultan, wait until you see the palace I got. (runs off) xx
185 MAGICIAN: (enters) I still haven't found another lazy fool to help me. But, when I do this world will be mine, all mine. There wasn't a palace here this morning. Somebody built that thing in half a day? That's impossible. I refuse to believe it. ha ha The only one who could do that would be the Geni of the Lamp. The Geni of the Lamp! Aladdin! He's out of the cave and he's using my lamp. aye yaye yaye yaye I'm going to take it away from him. (exit) xx
186 SULTAN: (enters) Alright, Aladdin. I'll go look. You're supposed to have a palace. You didn't have a palace this morning. Oh! Aladdin, Aladdin, come here you wonderful fellow. xx
187 ALADDIN: Do you see my palace, Sultan? xx
188 SULTAN: Indeed I do. It's beautiful. xx
189 ALADDIN: Is it beautiful enough you'll let me talk to the Princess? xx
190 SULTAN: You can talk to the Princess anytime you want now. I'll go look around the garden. You call the Princess out here and talk to her all by yourself. (exit) xx
191 ALADDIN: Wow, talk to the Princess all by myself? Princess, Princess, come out. Your father says it's alright. Except keep your eyes closed. I want my palace to be a surprise. xx
192 PRINCESS: Alright, here I am. Now what? xx
193 ALADDIN: Turn this way. And open your eyes. xx
194 PRINCESS: Oh, Aladdin. Your palace is beautiful. xx
195 ALADDIN: Oh, Princess, I just built this palace so you're father'd let us talk to one another, and we could get to know one another. xx
196 PRINCESS: Aladdin, I'd like to get to know you. xx
197 ALADDIN: You would? Well, ask me anything you want. xx
198 PRINCESS: Well, there is something. You don't wear rags anymore. And now you've got this beautiful palace. But why do you still carry around that dirty old lamp? Are you afraid of the dark? xx
199 ALADDIN: No, this isn't a lamp I light. xx
200 PRINCESS: What's it for? xx
201 ALADDIN: That's hard to explain. Maybe I'd better not. Let's just say I like lamps. Any kind of lamp. Even an old lamp. xx
202 SULTAN: (off) Aladdin, I want you to show me around the garden. xx
203 ALADDIN: Yes sir, Sultan. I'll be right there. Princess, would you care to visit the garden with us? xx
204 PRINCESS: No, you two go ahead. I just want to stay here by this unusual palace. (exit Aladdin) (enter Magician) xx
205 MAGICIAN: New lamps for old. New lamps for old. Oh, hello dear. I'm trading new lamps for old lamps. xx
206 PRINCESS: How generous. xx
207 MAGICIAN: Isn't it. I'll trade with you. I'll give you this beautiful new lamp. All you have to give me is an old lamp. xx
208 PRINCESS: I'd trade if I could. But I don't have an old lamp. xx
209 MAGICIAN: It doesn't have to be your lamp. Any old lamp will do. Perhaps you know somebody with an old lamp. xx
210 PRINCESS: Yes, I do. xx
211 MAGICIAN: (aside) I thought so. xx
212 PRINCESS: But I don't think he'd want to trade. I'll ask him. xx
213 MAGICIAN: Oh, no, don't do that. I've got a better idea. Why don't you get the old lamp, give it to me, I'll give you the new lamp, and that way you can surprise him. xx
214 PRINCESS: What if he doesn't like the surprise? xx
215 MAGICIAN: Then I'll trade you right back, of course. xx
216 PRINCESS: That's fair. I would love to surprise Aladdin. I'll be right back. Don't go away. xx
217 MAGICIAN: Go away! I've waited all my life for this moment. I don't need this thing any more. How she's doing? xx
218 PRINCESS: (offstage) Aladdin, may I hold your lamp? xx
219 ALADDIN: (offstage) No. xx
220 MAGICIAN: No, he's got to! This is my best chance in the world to get that lamp. Princess, do something. Get down on your knees. Beg him, plead with him. (exit) xx
221 PRINCESS: (offstage) Aladdin, please? xx
222 ALADDIN: Oh, alright. But be careful. Don't rub it. xx
223 (magician re-enters with the lamp, Princess following him) PRINCESS: Where's the lamp? xx
224 MAGICIAN: Who cares! Now I've got this lamp. This is a magic lamp. xx
225 PRINCESS: A magic lamp. I'm going to get Aladdin. xx
226 MAGICIAN: Freeze where you stand. It is I who am going to get the geni. Geni mine, Geni mine at last. xx
227 GENI LAMP: Yes, Master. I'm coming Master Aladdin... you're not Aladdin. xx
228 MAGICIAN: No, you know who I am? xx
229 GENI LAMP: The most wicked magician in the whole world. xx
230 MAGICIAN: And I hold the lamp now. Slave, take me and this Princess to my secret hiding place in the middle of the desert. And bring the palace. And bring that garden, too. xx
231 GENI LAMP: And bring the palace. And bring the garden, too. And now, I'll follow you. xx
232 (exit with palace)
233 Sc. 3 Aladdin and Sultan
234 ALADDIN: I was standing in the middle of a garden and the garden disappeared. xx
235 SULTAN: Aladdin, Aladdin, your palace has disappeared. xx
236 ALADDIN: My palace, too? Your majesty, there's something funny going on around here. xx
237 SULTAN: You're telling me? I'm taking my daughter and we're getting out of here. Where's my daughter? xx
238 ALADDIN: I don't know. She was standing here in front of the palace. xx
239 SULTAN: Well, the palace has disappeared. xx
240 ALADDIN: Then the Princess must have disappeared. xx
241 SULTAN: Oh no you don't, Aladdin. This is some trick. Where are you hiding my daughter? xx
242 ALADDIN: I'm not, your majesty, but I must confess that this has something to do with my lamp that's disappeared. xx
243 SULTAN: I don't care about your lamp. I want my daughter. xx
244 ALADDIN: But I can't find her until I find the lamp. You've got to give me time. xx
245 SULTAN: Give you time! Till noon, Aladdin. If you haven't returned my daughter by noon today; I'll cut off your head twice. (exit) xx
246 ALADDIN: I asked her not to rub it. I asked her not to. And now she's gone. (cries) xx
247 GENI RING: (enter) All right, what do you want? xx
247 ALADDIN: Geni of the Ring! I forgot about you. xx
248 GENI RING: It's a good thing I didn't forget about you when your tears fell on the ring. What is your wish? xx
249 ALADDIN: I don't know. I don't even know what happened. xx
250 GENI RING: I do. xx
251 ALADDIN: Why don't you tell me? xx
252 GENI RING: Why don't you ask me? xx
253 ALADDIN: I'm asking. What happened? xx
254 GENI RING: The magician tricked the Princess into giving him the lamp. He took everything away. xx
255 ALADDIN: Then take me to him. xx
256 GENI RING: But the Geni of the Lamp now has orders to destroy you if so much as touch the magician. xx
257 ALADDIN: If I stay here, the Sultan is going to cut off my head. xx
258 GENI RING: In that case, we'll try our luck there. Hang on tight. xx
259 Sc. 4 Princess, Magician, and then Aladdin.
260 MAGICIAN: My proud beauty. xx
261 PRINCESS: No, I shall never marry you. xx
262 MAGICIAN: But I hold this lamp, my dear. You're not going anywhere. I say you shall marry me. xx
263 SOLDIERS VOICES OFF: Emperor Magician, we have captured a spy. xx
264 MAGICIAN: Send him here. Well, look who's here. Our old friend Aladdin. Soldiers, as long as I hold this lamp, the geni has orders to destroy Aladdin if he so much as touches me. So, you may leave us. xx
265 SOLDIERS VOICES OFF: Yes, great Emperor Magician. xx
266 MAGICIAN: Now Aladdin, just try and touch me. xx
267 PRINCESS: Sweet Magician, now that Aladdin is here we can tell him good-bye. xx
268 ALADDIN: Good-bye? I don't want you to leave. xx
269 PRINCESS: Aladdin, I promised the magician that I would behave. xx
270 ALADDIN: Behave? xx
271 PRINCESS: Well, I haven't been too nice. When we first got here the magician wanted a sandwich. Do you know what I did? I filled up his whole sandwich with pepper. xx
272 ALADDIN: Pepper? That's funny. xx
273 MAGICIAN: That isn't one bit funny. Pepper makes me sneeze. xx
274 PRINCESS: It does. You should see him when he sneezes. Pepper tickles you. xx
275 MAGICIAN: Stop that. xx
276 PRINCESS: You lose all control. xx
277 MAGICIAN: No I don't. xx
278 PRINCESS: You even throw things. xx
279 MAGICIAN: No I don't. xx
280 PRINCESS: Yes you do, I can proove it. xx
281 MAGICIAN: Proove it? xx
282 PRINCESS: I promised I would never again put pepper in your food. This time, take it in the face. (throws pepper in his face) xx
283 MAGICIAN: Ah, ah ah ah choo. (When he sneezes, he throws the lamp in the air and Aladdin catches it.) Give that back. xx
284 ALADDIN: No. xx
285 MAGICIAN: (chasing Aladdin around the stage) Give that back! xx
286 ALADDIN: No. xx
287 MAGICIAN: Give me my lamp! xx
288 ALADDIN: You be careful. I hold the lamp now. xx
289 MAGICIAN: You hold the lamp now. You stole the lamp now. Well, we know about that, don't we. Geni! Geni of the Lamp! Come here and obey your orders. Aladdin has stolen the lamp. Destroy him! xx
290 GENI LAMP: Aladdin, I have to destroy you. xx
291 ALADDIN: No you don't. I never touched him. xx
292 GENI LAMP: You never touched him? xx
293 ALADDIN: He sneezed. It flew thru the air, and I caught it fair and square. xx
294 GENI LAMP: In that case, Aladdin is my master. xx
295 MAGICIAN: Alright, he didn't touch me. That's a detail. But I'll get that lamp back, and when I do I'll punish all of you. xx
296 ALADDIN: You'd better throw him away. xx
297 MAGICIAN: Put me down. Nobody's throwing me anywhere. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. xx
298 GENI LAMP: To the farthest end of the earth. xx
299 ALADDIN: Now return my palace. xx
300 GENI LAMP: But wait a minute; the Sultan is going to cut off your head. xx
301 PRINCESS: Oh no he isn't. Not after the way Aladdin helped me. xx
302 ALADDIN: Princess, it was you who helped me. xx
303 GENI LAMP: You helped each other, as friends should. xx
304 ALADDIN: Friends? Could you take care of that? xx
305 GENI LAMP: I'll try. But first you hurry the Princess home to her father. (exeunt Aladdin and Princess) There's a magic carpet waiting for you. I'll bring the palace and follow. Don't worry. It's easy. With magic. xx
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